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  Rene 'Skip' Rivard, ABOM, FCLSA(H), is a knowledgeable and experienced contact lens practitioner. He will always allow necessary appointment time to evaluate your contact lens needs and assess any problems you may be experiencing from contact lenses fit elsewhere.
He specializes in the design and fitting of rigid, scleral and soft contact lenses for special and unusual medical conditions which include:

post-keratoplasty (corneal transplant)
pediatric contact lens fitting
dry eye
high and irregular astigmatism (rigid and soft contact lenses)
bifocals (rigid and soft)
extreme near-sightedness (myopia)
extreme far-sightedness (hyperopia)
iris irregularities and traumatic injury (cosmetic lenses to match iris color)
aphakia (post cataract surgery)
Corneal Refractive Therapy (correct nearsightedness while you sleep)


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